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This 2adultflashgames is the story of how I realized that I do not know if my wife ever. I'm with Jill was married for 23 years, we met in college and both have only been with each other.. and up to 4 weeks, ie. Jill is 41 and I'm 45th She is very attractive and large with pale skin, beautiful figure and long dark hair. English is a bit actually increased. But his pride and joy are her beautiful breasts, the 36D, but they are very well formed and not hanging at all. 2adultflashgames Big nipples in a state of excitement, which I love. I would not say we have a bad sex life, although it is very repetitive and dare I say boring. Jill never really had a very adventurous and they were usually there is a light at the weekend. But I love her, so I'm happy with it. In recent years I have about sex with another man when it comes to love she has enjoyed. But when we finished they were still angry and swore shed never touch another person, the secretI suspect that I am still very happy. Anyway, when I said a month ago I was at work and I realized that I had promised to give a friend a DVD and I was in this thought Id pick up lunch from home. Jill works at the local university as a research assistant, which is about 10 miles away, so here it is not expected to be home. any case, when I got there, to my surprise the car in the drive, which I found strange. If I drive past me to the front door I noticed a mans jacket in the passenger seat, that was not mine. Interestingly, I thought maybe I had given him a lift to a colleague, and he had left there. I do not know why,